What is a whistleblowing Service?

A whistleblowing service is a mechanism placed at the disposal of the company's employees and stakeholders for reporting actions or behaviours (incidents) that may compromise individuals’ integrity and/or rights, that may affect company's activity, for create serious liability (regarding i.a. health and safety, environment, human rights, individual rights, privacy. etc.).

Who is a whistleblower?

Whistleblower is a person who wants to report certain types of wrongdoing. It might be something that they witnessed at work. Not only can employees be whistleblowers, but also suppliers, clients, contractors etc.

Anonymous report

After submitting the report, it is delivered to the person in your company that was designated to manage whistleblowing reports. The decision is made on how to proceed with the report. At the same time, the whistleblowing manager in your company can safely respond to the whistleblower, maintaining the highest confidentiality standards.


After the form will be submited, you will receive link to the case for futher communication.
All the data is being encrypted and stored in the safe place.

Case managers are notified and are able to respond.